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Hey! We tried!

PB Ploy's song "In a Heartbeat" was featured as bumper music on Coast to Coast AM on March 4th. Excellent

Please vote for PB Ploy's song "Lost for Good" at http://www.syracusenewtimes.com/newyork/flex-213-peace-songs.html

The Syracuse Peace Council is making a compilation CD of songs promoting peace.  PB Ploy's song, "Lost for Good" is one of the finalists and may be included on the CD, depending on voting results.

PB Ploy featured guest artist on soon-to-be-released CD!

Check out the song "Monkeyshine" on the debut CD of the excellent alternative blues rock band, Froth, to be released in April of 2010.

Top Quality Original Songs Available

If you're a recording artist or producer seeking quality original songs, please contact us by clicking on the "contact us" link (see left column).  We have more good material than we would have time to record in years.

Poem Published

Look for PB Ploy's poem "Ghost Town" in the Fall 2004 issue of Fiddler Magazine.

Rock Fiddle Article

Read PB Ploy's article "Where Rock Meets Fiddle" in the August 2004 edition of Stacy Phillips' FiddleSessions webzine on the Mel Bay website at: http://www.fiddlesessions.com/aug04/rock.html

New PB Ploy CD in the Works

Work has begun on the next CD which will feature some amazing instrumentals and possibly some bonus tracks by PB Ploy's former acoustic band The Red Branch Boys.  More on this story as it develops...

PB Ploy Distribution Goes Digital

All songs from "Clues from the Underground" are now available for individual download through a number of music websites, most notably:  Apple iTunes.  Give us a thrill and download our songs through one of these services.  If you're unable to find PB Ploy through a music website's search engines, ask them why not.  Strike a blow for real indie music, download a tune today!

PB Ploy Music on MTV

PB Ploy's music was recently included on the soundtrack of at least two episodes of the popular MTV series, "Made."  And there was much rejoicing. 

New MySpace website.

PB Ploy has bowed to the inevitable and created a MySpace site at:


You are hereby cordially invited to drop by.